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Credit Denial - Inform yourself about your credit history.

Never Again Be Denied For The Credit You Deserve

Reasons for credit denial

  1. Too many credit inquiries. Whenever you apply for credit, it is recorded and stays on your credit report for 12 to 18 months. As few as 3 to 4 inquiries over a six month time frame show a sign of too may inquiries on your credit report. The lender or creditor may think you are trying to apply for credit everywhere else.
  2. Credit application incomplete. If you leave part of the application blank or you gave the wrong information that appears on your credit report can count against you. The lender may think you are trying to hide something.
  3. Insufficient credit file. Little or no credit history may be a rejection for credit. You simply need to build your credit up.
  4. Delinquent credit obligations. Late or no payments to creditors. Bad debt, legal judgments, and bankruptcy will make you a risky applicant.
  5. Errors on your file. Legal name on your report may be wrong. Home address on file may not be correct or updated. These credit bureaus manage millions of files and something is bound to be incorrect. You must obtain a your credit report and write to one of the three major credit bureaus to update your credit report. (You may also be the victim of identity theft.)


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