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Credit Tips - Inform yourself about your credit history.

We Offer Some Valuable Tips From The Pros On
How To Keep Your Credit Rating In Good Standing

Tips For Maintaining Good Credit

  • Shop for the best rates and annual fees.
  • Check your monthly statement for any errors.
  • Set aside some money for emergencies every paycheck.
  • Do not over extend yourself. Know what your monthly budget is and stick to it.
  • Try paying your entire bill every month or more than the minimum monthly amount.
  • Pay bills 7 to 10 days before the due date to ensure prompt payment.
  • Secure your files and credit cards in a safe place. Protect this information from being lost or stolen.
  • Set your monthly budget or limit.
  • Know what you are signing when you apply or open a new credit card or loan.
  • Pay at least the minimum payment on time.
  • Avoid balance transfers unless you are getting a better interest rate for life.
  • Check your credit report at least once a year. Make sure all the accounts you have are in fact those accounts that you have authorized. Click here to obtain your credit report online.
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